Innovation Management

Decision Knowledge Center Software for Managing Innovation

Use Seven Decisions to Manage Your Innovation Pipeline

Picture of innovation management decisions

Innovation management can be fundamental to the life of the business. Getting the best ideas delivered as valuable products and services that your customers want and need is critical to sustaining and growing your business.

Our Connected Decision Model enables you to leverage the knowledge captured in our innovation management template. Start with seven decisions with pre-defined success criteria that you can use to move great ideas to realization for your customers, increasing the success rate for your innovation investments. Add to and modify the decision template to focus your business efforts where you can best add value and build competitive advantage.

Decision making software that amplifies innovation

Decision knowledge Center (DKC) makes it easy to see where new ideas or concept projects excel compared to each other and the success factors defined for your business. If goals aren't being met, visualizations make it easy to identify where hybrid solutions might be considered. The process of managing innovation ideas, concepts, and projects provides new opportunities to achieve your innovation strategy objectives.

Innovation Management that empowers collaboration

DKC is decision making software that promotes the communication needed to successfully capture value from innovation opportunities. When you start connecting to the other decisions that can impact the business, you have a powerful innovation management tool that can deliver value to your customers. Manage change and innovation in one integrated framework that speeds organizational learning needed to meet today's challenging market environment.

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