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Decision making solutions for business and life

Is uncertainty increasing and change accelerating?

In this age of information overload and overwhelming choice, the goal of Decision Making Solutions is to increase clarity and insight in the decision process. Managing decisions exposes the knowledge needed to reduce uncertainty and achieve desired results.

Build knowledge with every decision

Better decision making equals better results

Decision Innovation, Inc. applies over 40 years of extensive research in decision management and decision making to bring you decision analysis tools, methods and expertise that aid in making more effective choices.

Whether in our business or our personal lives, we want to improve what we do and how we do it with greater speed. We want to better serve our stakeholders to create value for our businesses, our families, and our communities.

Explore this site to find a rich set of information and solutions that can help you make a decision.

  • Learn about types of decision making, along with practical solutions for business and personal choices.

  • Take advantage of our four step decision process, Frame, Innovate, Decide, and Manage when looking to make a high value decision.

  • Enjoy activities and fun that can build skills that lead to better choices. Also, see related products for enhancing decision skills.

  • See how different styles can influence our choices, and what decisions can benefit from a specific style.

  • Discover techniques that can be used to make a decision, along with some of their benefits and limitations.

  • Get inspiration and motivation from decision quotes and a broad selection of related topics.

  • Find clarity in what we mean from the glossary for terms used on our site.

The complexity of some decisions can benefit from expert help. See our business decision analysis services to learn how we might support your decision making efforts.

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