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Personal Decision Making

Making the most of life's opportunities requires personal decision making discipline

Life is a sum of all your choices. - Albert Camus

In today's busy and hectic world, personal decision making quality can suffer and distract us from the choices that bring real meaning to our life. Distractions consume our time, and misinformation can send us off on wild goose chases. Our important life choices often get lost in a sea of meaningless trivia, and before we know it, we can discover we are not living the life that we intended.

Manage your decisions to manage your life

Personal Decision NetworkWhat career should I choose? Where should I live? What relationships do I want to build? We are constantly making and modifying decisions throughout our lifetime. These decisions have short and long term consequences and their value is ??? --- Can anything come close to the value that our personal decisions have on our lives?

Do your beliefs and values affect your life choices?

Hopefully they do. Fortunately, Decision Innovation's approach to managing decisions can provide the tools to enable you to know how your beliefs and values are influencing your other life choices (or not). Your choice of life vision will generate consequences that impact your career choice, your relationship decisions, your health choices, ... You can live an intentional life instead of feeling like a passive observer to the choices imposed by others.

Your life choices are unique!

But, your personal decision making approach doesn't need to be. For example, greater than two million people make their first career choice every year in the United States (from the National Center for Education Statistics). Your skills and talents are unique, but many of the criteria and career alternatives are the same. Why not use that knowledge to make a better decision?

Come back here often as we add to our decision library the personal decisions that can help you lead the life you envisioned.

Choose a Personal Vision Statement
Choose a personal vision statement to become who you want to be.

Choose your Personal Core Values
Use your personal core values to help focus your life choices.

Make a Career Change Decision
Career change decision making is part of managing a lifelong career.

Choose relationship priorities to enable and support your personal vision and mission.

Pick a College
Achieve your career goals! Pick a college using a personal 4-Step decision making process.

Pick a Pet
Your personal decision making process should help you pick a pet.

Anthony Robbins quote on making a committed decision.

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