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Decision making activities surround everything we do. In addition to the challenging decisions we need to make as we go through life, there are an abundant of fun activities that have decision making as their foundation.

The act of deciding is a creative event. It begins the translation of idea to action that leads to changes that impact everything we do. Decisions lead to consequences that create tasks and source requirements for related decisions.

Decisions can be fun and full of emotion!

Chess gameDecision making games are some of the most memorable and fun. Chess, Risk, Stratego, are all great games that are easy to learn and help develop strategic decision making skills. Video games and card games abound that require decisions of all types, and many develop the skills to make quick, effective decisions as well as quickly see the results of bad decisions. Simulation games enable development of critical decision skills in low risk environments.

Comics and cartoons poke fun at our decision making mistakes, exposing our limitations and creating the opportunity to laugh, learn, and embrace the opportunity to improve. Some of our most moving music and lyrics come from our most joyful decisions or the anguish from our most devastating choices.

Decision activities for the enthusiast

Come back here often as we add to our set of decision making activities that can help you have fun and learn and grow at the same time.

Decision Making Theories
Investigate decision making theories to deepen your knowledge and understanding of how we make decisions.

Cartoons & Comics poking fun at decision making
See a select set of cartoon and comic strips and let us know your favorite as well!

Dilbert Cartoon Frank & Ernest Cartoon

Decision Making Games
Decision making games are fun and improve decision making skills and intuition.
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