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Glossary - A

Decision Making Glossary - A

We have put together a glossary for decision making related terminology and acronyms to convey our meaning on this important topic.


One of a number of possibilities from which one must be chosen. For decision making purposes this is used synonymously with possible or potential solution, option or choice.


Doubt or uncertainty of meaning and/or outcome in the context of a decision or choice.


For our purposes an analysis will include:

  • The process of separating something (in our case, a decision) into its constituent parts, elements or components
  • A close or detailed examination, study, or investigation of the elements, structure, nature, meaning and/or relationships of the constituent parts
  • An assessment, explanation and/or conclusion based on the understanding gained from the examination, study, or investigation

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Extreme anxiety, emotional torment, unhappiness, pain or distress caused by physical or mental suffering.

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Decided or determined by chance, whim, personal preference, feelings, perception or impulse rather than by necessity, objective facts, reason, principle, or design.

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A person responsible for the invention or realization of something. They are responsible for the design and planning decisions required to achieve an outcome. This includes buildings, businesses, systems, software or other undertakings where the desired result requires a number of related decisions to be made and executed.

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