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Glossary - C

Decision Making Glossary - C

We have put together a glossary for decision making related terminology and acronyms to convey our meaning on this important topic.


A chosen pursuit, course of work, profession, occupation or life role that is undertaken for a significant portion of one's life. It may require training, skill development and increasing knowledge, and have progressive levels of achievement.


To work together to achieve a common goal or outcome, especially in a joint intellectual effort.


Serving to provide or complete what is lacking in the other. Making more complete together than individually, and mutually addressing what is lacking in each individual part.

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A result, effect or outcome that follows from a situation, set of conditions, an action (or inaction), decision, or process.

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The situation, surrounding conditions, environment, circumstances, and/or settings that help clarify meaning or explain an event. Specifically, for decision making, it is the environment and related decisions that can help clarify and specify a decision to be made.

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