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Glossary - I

Decision Making Glossary - I

We have put together a glossary for decision making related terminology and acronyms to convey our meaning on this important topic.


A thought, suggestion, concept, plan, intention, impression, objective, picture or image, impression, scheme, notion, or opinion that comes from, exists, or is developed in the mind.


The collective set of essential and persistent characteristics and qualities by which a thing is known and recognized as an individual or as part of a distinct group.


Suggested or understood but not communicated directly or expressly stated; implied.

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The act or process of introducing something new such as an idea, method, product, etc. This may or may not include invention. Innovation also includes introducing and using previously known ideas and solutions in a new context.

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The ability or capacity of having a clear, deep and sometimes sudden perception, vision, or understanding of a complicated situation, problem, or decision. This can include a comprehensive understanding of the relationships, behaviors, and motivational forces within a context, model, or scenario.

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Known, perceived, understood or believed by instinct, feelings or nature without actual evidence rather than by use of conscious thought, reason, or rational processes.

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