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Glossary - R

Decision Making Glossary - R

We have put together a glossary for decision making related terminology and acronyms to convey our meaning on this important topic.


A concise statement or explanation of the underlying or fundamental reasons, motives, intentions, and/or basis for a choice or selection.

Rationality (or rational)

The quality or state of being reasonable. The state of having good sense and sound judgment. Acting in a way that maximizes one's utility or choosing a course of action that results in the best possible outcome.


Characterized by extra and unnecessary words that repeat meaning in a word or phrase and provide no useful purpose.

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In our decision making model a related decision is one that resides in the same decision network and influences or is influenced by the decision of interest. This influence comes most directly from derived requirements. These are the goals (target requirements) from one decision that become the goals (source requirements) of the connected or related decisions.

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A requirement is something that is needed, desired, or demanded. It can also be an obligation or prerequisite. In the context of decision making, requirements inform, constrain, or limit allowable alternatives or solutions (help you determine which alternative is preferred). In our decision making model, decisions are constrained by source requirements; and once that decision is made, new constraints are created as derived requirements associated with the chosen alternative(s). These new requirements are referred to as target requirements.

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The possibility, likelihood, or chance of experiencing an undesired, unwelcome, unpleasant, or dangerous outcome or result. In the context of decision making, this would describe a possible future negative consequence or outcome that is associated with one or more alternative solutions that are being considered.

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A roadmap is used as a way to represent a plan over a period of time. In our decision making model we show how each decision will go through a series of states over time. This is represented as a roadmap or decision timeline.

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