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Information Quotes

Information Quotes Related to Decision Making

Take a look at a select set of thought provoking and inspirational information quotes related to decision making.

"True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information." - Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965), British Politician

"Information is the oxygen of the modern age. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire, it wafts across the electrified borders." - Ronald Reagan (1911 - 2004), 40th President of the United States

"The perplexity of life arises from there being too many interesting things in it for us to be interested properly in any of them." - G. K. Chesterton (1874 - 1936) English Journalist, Philosopher, and Poet

"Be careful that what you write does not offend anybody or cause problems within the company. The safest approach is to remove all useful information." - Scott Adams (1957 - ), American Creator of the Dilbert Comic Strip

"Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other." - Bill Gates (1955 - ), American Businessman and Philanthropist, Co-Founder of Microsoft

"Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense." - Gertrude Stein (1874 - 1946), American Writer

"Checking the results of a decision against its expectations shows executives what their strengths are, where they need to improve, and where they lack knowledge or information. " - Peter F. Drucker, (1909 - 2005), Author and Teacher

"An educated person is one who has learned that information almost always turns out to be at best incomplete and very often false, misleading, fictitious, mendacious - just dead wrong." - Russell Baker (1925 - ), American Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer

"I was brought up to believe that the only thing worth doing was to add to the sum of accurate information in the world. " - Margaret Mead (1901 - 1978), American Cultural Anthropologist

"Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information." - T. S. Eliot (1888 - 1965), American-born English Poet, Playwright, and Literary Critic

"Information's pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience." - Clarence Day (1874 - 1935), American Author

"In the information society, nobody thinks. We expect to banish paper, but we actually banish thought." - Michael Crichton (1942 - 2008), American Author, Producer, Director, and Screenwriter

"What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence, a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it." - Herbert Simon (1916 - 2001) American Political Scientist, Economist and Psychologist

"Information can tell us everything. It has all the answers. But they are answers to questions we have not asked, and which doubtless don't even arise. " - Jean Baudrillard (1929 - 2007), French sociologist and Philosopher

"Information is not knowledge." - Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Physicist and Nobel Laureate

"In the information age, you don't teach philosophy as they did after feudalism. You perform it. If Aristotle were alive today he'd have a talk show." - Timothy Leary (1920 - 1996), American Writer, Psychologist, and Futurist

"I was brought up to believe that the only thing worth doing was to add to the sum of accurate information in the world." - Margaret Mead (1901 - 1978), American Cultural Anthropologist

"Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit." - William G. Pollard (1911 – 1989), American Physicist

"That which today calls itself science gives us more and more information, and indigestible glut of information, and less and less understanding." - Edward Abbey (1927 - 1989), American Author and Essayist

"Education is knowing where to go to find out what you need to know; and it's knowing how to use the information you get." - William Feather (1889 - 1981), Author and Publisher

"As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information." - Benjamin Disraeli (1804 - 1881), 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, British Prime Minister, and Parliamentarian

"A market is the combined behaviour of thousands of people responding to information, misinformation and whim." - Kenneth Chang, American Journalist

"There is a profound difference between information and meaning. " - Warren G. Bennis

"The future of healthcare is centered on the distinct needs of patients and connecting the right information at the right time to help make decisions about their care." - Philip George

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