Business decision making can be difficult if you don't manage your decisions

Your effectiveness in managing your business decision making will ultimately determine the success of your company. While this is a problem for companies of all sizes, we have found that this is particularly true for companies that are growing rapidly. A critical growth transition occurs as employees are added beyond 50 to 100 people. At this point, without clear mechanisms for managing, communicating and confirming decision implementation it can be easy for your business to spin out of control.

Why is managing decisions important?

Image of business decision network - 8 decision mini-networkA network of interconnected decisions forms the essence of your business. Decisions for your Vision and Mission Statement will define your company's identity and aspirations. These decisions, along with your core values, will determine the business morals and values for your company. Strategic decisions will define your target markets, needed core competencies, value chain participation, competition, and funding. Decision making in management is an essential skill required for the organization to succeed.

Keeping track of all these decisions can quickly become overwhelming. Get beyond a few people in your company or organization and communication and alignment on strategic decisions becomes critical. Managing decision making in business clearly determines the likely success of the company. has the tools and techniques to address your business decision needs

We have identified the blueprint for managing your business decisions. With this blueprint we can provide tools to manage your decisions and reuse past decisions. Why spend time reinventing the work of others when your time is better spent on differentiating yourself from the competition? Manage the decision making process as an ongoing "conversation for action."

Peter Drucker quote on decision making

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Software as a service for complex business decisions, Decision Knowledge Center guides decision analysis, focuses communication to inspire commitment, and accelerates decision implementation.

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Learn about decision mistakes and how to avoid them in your portfolio decisions.

Business Vision Statement
A compelling business vision statement will provide a clear and powerful image of your company's future.

Choose Your Business Mission Statement

Competitive Business Analysis begins with your choice of competitors.

Choose Your New Business Funding Method

Business decision Analysis
Use our business decision analysis, decision management, and roadmapping services to accelerate your business success.

Ethics in Decision Making
Ethics in decision making can be addressed as part of the business decision making process.

Group Decision Making Process
Learn the essential elements of a group decision making process.

Choosing to Rely on Experts
Factors to consider when relying on experts.

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