Portfolio Management

Decision Knowledge Center Software for Portfolio Management

Make better investment decisions for your product and service portfolios

Portfolio Management bubble chart

Using our portfolio management templates within Decision Knowledge Center (DKC), you connect the decisions that can increase the success rate of your product and service portfolio investments. A consistent decision making process ensures learning from each project added to the portfolio.

Staying competive, responding to changing market environments, and aligning to new business strategies require a tool that can manage change needed to succeed. DKC provides the visibility to changes needed to support project portfolio decisions.

Portfolio management requires balancing competing needs

Use and adapt DKC templates to identify projects most likely to meet business objectives. Use and extend portfolio criteria such as:

  • Maximize realized customer benefits
  • Maximize customer acceptance
  • Maximize financial returns
  • Minimize regulatory and legal issues
  • Minimize cost to produce and deliver
  • Maximize sustainable competitive advantage
  • Maximize alignment to the business strategy

Improve the consistency of project comparisons. Reprioritize and modify criteria to respond to changes in the market environment. Get organizational alignment on what it takes to succeed. Clarify what is important and reduce costs by avoiding poorly chosen projects.

DKC aligns execution decisions to ensure value is maintained during realization. Clearly defined portfolio selection criteria help prevent the scope creep that leads to failed projects.

Project Portfolio management should avoid excessive risks

Sustaining and growing the business shouldn't be an exercise in experimentation. DKC helps in assessment and management of risks of each project chosen for the project portfolio. Decreasing the uncertainty of new projects increases the number of products and services that are succesfully commercialized. DKC decision making software helps avoid losses from otherwise hidden decision defects.

Sustainability and growth becomes more predictable as each cycle of learning improves the effectiveness of the portfolio decision making process.

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