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Creating and thinking through a decision decision can be done faster and more effectively with the right tool. With Decision Knowledge Center (DKC), you can rapidly capture what you already know and come back to add details as knowledge increases.

As cloud-based decision support software, DKC is ideal for both individual and collaborative decision making. Watch the video to see how easy it is to create and make a new decision in less than five minutes.

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Video script

Creating a new decision in DKC can be done quickly with a small amount of information. We will create a decision with two criteria and two alternatives, demonstrating the steps needed to start developing and then scoring the decision.

After logging into DKC, start by navigating to the DKC Home Tab. In the Find a Decision section, click the New Decision button.

Enter the Decision Name. For our example we will Choose Innovation idea to develop. Click the Save button. The new decision appears in the Decisions tab, and is ready for entering additional decision information.

Hover over the Criteria quick access link and click the New Criterion button.

On the New Criterion page, click the Benefit Direction pulldown and select Maximize.

Clicking in the Criterion Name box, enter Customer benefit. Clicking Save & New saves this criterion and brings up the New Criterion screen for entering the second criterion.

For this criterion, the Benefit Direction is Minimize and the Criterion Name is Time to market. This being the last criterion entered, click Save.

Now navigate back by clicking the Decision link in the information section of the criterion.

Back in the decision, hover over the Criteria quick access link to see the two criteria that were just added.

Hovering over the Alternatives quick access link, click the New Alternative button.

On the New Alternative page, enter the Alternative Name New technology feature, and click Save & New.

For the second alternative enter Increased safety feature and click Save.

From the alternative just created, return to the decision by clicking the Decision link in the Information section of the alternative.

Back in the decision hover over the Alternatives quick access link to see the two new alternatives.

Click on the Prioritize Criteria button to begin the process of determining what is most important when evaluating innovation ideas.

Maximizing customer benefit is critical so, double click on the weight Not Set, click on the pulldown, and select a weight of 10. Time to market is important, so in a similar manner we select 5. Click the Save & Sort button to see the criteria in weighted order. Click Save & Close to return to the decision to continue the process.

Now click the Analyze Alternatives button to begin decision evaluation.

From the Criterion selection page, click the Maximize Customer benefit button to start scoring alternatives with respect to the highest weighted criterion.

The alternative Increased safety feature provides average benefit, so double-click the score Not Set and select 5 from the pull down. The New technology feature can provide above average benefit, so it is scored a 7. Click Save.

Adding criterion limit information can improve relative scoring accuracy and can be added in the future. Continue scoring by clicking the Back to Select Criterion button.

On the Criterion selection screen notice that two alternatives have been scored for the first criterion. Continue scoring by clicking the Minimize Time to market button.

The Alternative Increased safety feature can be delivered quickly so it is given a 10. The New technology feature will take much longer, so it is given a 3. Click Save.

Returning to the Criterion selection screen, both alternatives have now been scored for both criteria. Click Cancel to return to the decision.

At this point, the initial information for the decision is completed. Scrolling down reveals the interactive performance chart. Clicking on an Alternative removes it or adds it to the view.

Scrolling back up, click the Complete Evaluation button to continue.

Use the Decision Evaluation Worksheet screen to finalize scoring and alternative selection. Use the "Selected?" pull down to choose YES for the Increased safety feature and choose NO for the New technology feature. A rationale (Reasonable customer benefit that can be delivered soon.) can be added to summarize the alternative selection. Click Save and Close to capture changes and return to the decision.

Clicking the View Short Report button instantly generates a PDF report that can be shared with other decision stakeholders. Scroll to see the information for the decision, the solution that was selected, and scoring that supports the selection.

Return to the DKC home tab and you will see your new decision, Choose Innovation idea to develop, in the Independent Decisions list. You can return to this decision at any time to improve and add to the decision information.

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