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Vision and Mission

Our Vision is "Making a difference through managed decisions."


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  • Our purpose is to provide decision enabling methods, tools, and services that will enable people to make better decisions faster.
  • Recognizing that the best decisions balance the needs of all stakeholders, we will innovate to create decision knowledge of the highest quality in the context of serving their needs.
  • We want to change the way the world creates and uses knowledge to solve everyday personal and business problems.

Choosing our mission

Like any other choice, selecting your mission is a decision that requires a rational process that simultaneously balances multiple needs. In our case we considered that our mission should define our company's purpose, share our aspirations, create a framework for evaluating our progress, convey our values, describe our products and services, describe our target market, and provide inspiration. We also knew that, to be effective, our mission needed to be broad, yet concise.

As you can see, creating a mission statement is one example that can benefit from a thoughtful decision making process.

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