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Products to Support Decision Making
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Products that can enhance your decision making skills and capabilities

Today's environment of increasing complexity and information overload has increased the challenge in making good decisions. These decision making products can enhance skills and provide decision making support for difficult choices.

Decision Knowledge Center

Decision Knowledge Center logoDecision Knowledge Center (DKC) is our software as a service that encourages collaborative decision making for a wide range of business decisions. Our unique Connected Decision model transforms decision making and amplifies innovation across the organization.

Decision Analysis Tools

Image portraying decision analysis toolsHigher complexity leads to more criteria and options to consider when making a decision. Decision analysis tools provide the support needed to address this added complexity while adding clarity to the process. Tools can help you enhance your decision knowledge and skills while allowing you to build and extend work from previous decision making efforts.

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Image of a stack of booksReading books is a great way to enhance your decision knowledge and skills. We have identified a number of books we are recommending based on our research and experience. These books explore many aspects of decision making and these self improvement books are part of our library. You should find that they support many of the concepts you see on our site, and they can provide greater depth on specific topics that may interest you.

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