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Decision Evaluation Worksheet

Complete your decision analysis with our decision evaluation worksheet

Image of the Decision Evaluation WorksheetOur decision evaluation worksheet can be used to help you complete the decision making process, and is provided at no cost to help with decisions you are trying to make. Performing the decision evaluation is described in the Decide step, how to make a decision.

The evaluation worksheet includes descriptions for all elements in the decision matrix. Any number of options can be evaluated by printing more copies of the decision alternatives pages.

This decision evaluation worksheet enables you to capture the success criteria, decision alternatives and other analysis information from our 4-step decision making process.

Image of decision evaluation worksheet

This worksheet will help you:

  • Clarify and capture and your success criteria along with your preferred weighting (priority)
  • Summarize your decision alternatives
  • Score each solution alternative for each criterion
  • Capture the reasons for your scores
  • Make adjustments for major risks and opportunities
  • Identify requirements that will affect (or constrain) other connected decisions
  • Capture initial implementation tasks for the selected solution

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If you need help performing the decision evaluation

Depending on the value and complexity of the decision you are trying to complete, you may want some help. If so, go to our decision analysis webpage and explore our phone consultation options.

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