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Why start with a blank sheet? - Use this pre-populated career decision making tool

Decision analysis tools red toolboxIt is easier to modify than create. That's why our career decision making tool provides an easy way to start the career change process. This career decision matrix can be used by itself or as an effective supplement to the Decide Guide: Choose Your Next Career ebook.

Now you can start out with a complete example of how to change careers rationally, and be guided through the process while saving all your work as you proceed through the worksheet. Saves hours, or even days, benefiting from the knowledge gained by others that have already made this high value life choice. Make quick progress toward your new career for only $6.95.

The career decision making tool will work on any computer without any special software to load

This pre-populated career decision matrix uses Adobe® Acrobat Reader which comes installed on most computers. The worksheet includes the following useful features:

  • Picture of using the career decision making toolSupports the career change decision by filling in 15 of the 22 criteria contained in the Decide Guide: Choose Your Next Career eBook
  • Includes 6 pre-populated career options from the eBook
  • Presents initial values that can be easily modified with information that is relevant to your situation
  • Provides complete scoring that can be changed and updated as you enter your own information
  • Conveniently clears unwanted alternatives with "Clear Option" buttons
  • Captures and saves decision information electronically, updating as often as needed
  • Provides help text with immediate guidance for every entry
  • Scores easily via pull-down selection options for Weight (priority), Score and Go/No-Go fields
  • Calculates scores with immediate updating
  • Provides an initial rank for all entered options so you can focus your risk and opportunity analysis on only the top performing career alternatives
  • Enables scoring adjustments for both Risk and Opportunity
  • Includes a scoring summary page enabling quick changes with "big picture" career change overview

Once your career change decision is completed, clear the options and you are ready to choose your job at potential companies/organizations. Use and modify your career success factors to ensure that your job choice aligns and supports your career decision, taking advantage of the power of connected decisions. Only $6.95.

How to change careers with confidence using our career decision making tool

Our Decide Guide: Choose Your Next Career eBook is loaded with additional resources that can help guide your career change decision. Consider our eBook + career decision making tool bundle to take advantage of this extensive set of resources. Only $9.95.

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**Need Adobe® Acrobat Reader version 9 or later. Download it for free from Adobe's website.

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