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How to Change Careers
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For mid and late career changers...

Learn how to change careers with confidence!

Make this high value life choice benefitting from the knowledge of others by using our proven 4-Step decision making process outlined in our new book...

Learn how to change careers with confidence using our Decide Guide.Does the idea of changing careers continue to cloud your thoughts? Maybe you are experiencing a number of emotions on the job...

  • Everyday tasks seem routine and lack challenge, or
  • Your manager's decisions don't make sense, or seem outright WRONG, or
  • Every day you are pressured to deliver on a mountain of tasks without any regard to quality or value!

Work has lost its meaning and you wonder...

Is it worth the effort to work through a career change decision?

This will shock you. If you would like your next career to last ten years (it used to be a lifetime) the average value of the career change selection in the United States is approximately $425,000! (based on the 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics average income of $42,500). And, this only considers the tangible value of this choice.

What about doing something meaningful and fulfilling? Can you put a value on that? Wouldn't it be helpful to gain from the knowledge of others to learn how to change careers effectively? Wouldn't it be worth thousands to get this decision right?

  • "this enlightening, interesting and I believe a very -- extremely helpful book"
  • "this book is so timely"
  • "Gary and you must have painstakingly, really worked very hard to separate the chaff from the wheat. I don't see a lot of baggage in this book at all. I really don't see any."
  • "It's a very participatory book ..."

From interview with Greg Cellini, WSOU Radio Host of Thank God For Monday

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Ready to choose your next career? You are not alone...

Statisticians will tell you to expect to have 3 careers in your life (a number that life coaches say is really 4 to 7 as the notion of corporate loyalty disappears into history and technology drives constantly evolving skill sets).

Making this major life choice can bring up a lot of questions:

  • Can I afford to make a career change now?
  • How do I know if a career will be right for me?
  • Is my desire to change careers being motivated by something else?
  • Will I have to go back to school to get the skills needed for a new career?
  • How long will it take to attain the career I want?
  • Will I be able to find a career that has meaning?
  • Is it possible to learn how to change careers with CONFIDENCE?

We know how confusing and overwhelming it can be... because Gary and I have both been there. That's what motivated us to apply what we have learned from over 15 years of research in decision management and decision making to this high value life choice.

"Gary and Keith have written a highly read-able, highly use-able, and highly useful book on choosing one's next career. I've read a number of books on the subject and had developed my own guidelines for choosing a career, but now I'm preparing to cut to the chase and simply recommend my clients buy Gary & Keith's book, and then spend time working through it in our sessions!"

Melissa Pazen, Inspired Coaching
Career Coach

Wouldn't you want to know how to change careers in a way that could avoid emotional decision making mistakes?

Image of career change optionsMaking a career change decision can create strong emotions that can lead to common mistakes that include:

  • Not making the decision at all. Indecision is an overwhelming problem for many people. They are often too afraid to proceed.
  • Choosing too quickly without knowing why, and then creating rational reasons to justify a poor emotional decision.
  • Overriding rational decision making in cases where it is clearly needed.
  • Creating mistakes due to distortions and bias in judgments, sometimes leading to unexpected and reckless action.
  • Errors that take place because we are subject to systemic inaccuracy about how we will feel in the future.

Why consider 5 to 9 options when you are ready to choose your next career? It turns out this number can help you avoid two additional decision making errors, namely:

  • Tunnel vision with too few alternatives due to the desire to rush to judgment.
  • Analysis paralysis with too many options that exceed our ability to keep track of them.

"DECIDE GUIDE is a practical resource for making career decisions at any stage of life. Thorough in its scope, it leads the reader through a logical process with detailed, relevant questions presented in user-friendly worksheets. The electronic version is replete with clickable links to useful information and additional resources.

The authors draw upon a wealth of professional experience and knowledge; use the guide alone, or couple it with personal career counseling from the authors themselves. I recommend it not only for those considering a career change, but for college students (and their parents) as they consider their life's work."

Dr. Robin J. Kohl, Professor and Educational Consultant

Is there a better way to deal with a career change decision?

To start with, recognize that it is completely normal to feel a wide range of feelings when approaching this kind of change. How to change careers is not something we learn in school, adding lack of knowledge to an already emotionally challenging choice.

Getting advice from friends can help, but they are fully engaged with their own lives, making it hard to get to the deep and thoughtful consideration that this decision deserves.

Going to the library is an option, but where do you start? Should you take personality tests, explore new industries, or look at new education options?

How long will it take to figure this out? You could start searching the internet and experience instant information overload with thousands of tips on changing careers. But do you really want to spend more of your time and energy sorting through the maze to get to the nuggets that will really help?

Wouldn't it be nice to have everything you need to walk through this decision, step by step, in one place... presented in a way you can understand it?

Introducing the must have resource for anyone making a career change decision

3D cover for Decide Guide: Choose Your Next CareerDecide Guide: Choose Your Next Career gives the critical information you need for making this high value life choice. It will guide you through a straightforward 4-step decision making process, providing support, examples and suggestions from initial decision framing to the action plan for reaching your next career.

Here is a sample of what you will discover about how to change careers in this book:

How to use a consistent and simple decision making process (Frame, Innovate, Decide, and Manage) that can be used in making your most important and valuable personal decisions.

The value of using connected life decisions to help you realize your personal vision.

An approach for identifying and balancing the criteria that will make your next career selection a success for you!

How to avoid some of the most common decision making mistakes by taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of others.

A framework for communicating and getting input and feedback from family, friends, and supporters.

The tasks needed to put your decision into action.

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Need a way to bring order to the chaos?

Do you need a way to keep everything in order for your career change decision? Besides dealing with information overload, you could spend hours trying to figure out what's important and where to put it so you can find it?

Our Decide Guide: Choose Your Next Career will arm you with the information and resources you need for every step of the decision making process and provide a worksheet to capture it!

Here are some of the worksheets and templates that are included.

Capturing your current situation - Summarize what is motivating your decision and its timing.

Estimating your next career decision value - Determine the tangible value of your next career decision.

Estimating an appropriate amount of Time and Money to allocate - Establish the resources you need to choose your next career.

Capture your connected personal decisions - Use these decisions to help guide your career change decision.

Determine and prioritize your success criteria - Choose and prioritize the factors for making a high quality career change decision.

Capture your expertise - Sum up the expertise you can bring to your next career. You will be surprised by what you discover!

Brainstorm career options - Identify new career options that you might not have considered.

Decision Evaluation - Evaluate how to change careers by scoring each criterion for each of your next career options.

Your next career action plan - Begin implementation of your career change decision with a prioritized task list.

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Still not sure whether "DECIDE GUIDE: Choose Your Next Career" can really show you how to change careers with confidence? Take a look at the wealth of information, step-by-step instructions, and resources contained inside as shown in the Table of Contents & Sample and read more below.

How to change careers with confidence!

Have you ever made a major life choice that you regretted? More specifically, did you ever take a job that wasn't right for you? We have. So have millions of others. Wouldn't you like to take advantage of that experience and the lessons learned?

With Decide Guide: Choose Your Next Career you will gain confidence in you new career choice by:

  1. Identifying and capturing the triggers motivating your desire to change careers.
  2. Determining the value of your next career decision and choosing what effort and money you want to spend to make a high quality decision.
  3. Aligning your career change with your other major life choices so your new career enables your personal vision instead of fighting against it.
  4. Choosing/defining success criteria before you get overloaded with new career options.
  5. Balancing your criteria to ensure that all your needs and desires are addressed.
  6. Involving and communicating to those that have a role in helping you make this decision or are dependent on you for a good outcome.
  7. Learning about your talents, strengths and skills that will help you thrive in the career choice you make.
  8. Exploring new career options you might not have considered.
  9. Managing the change process in a way that addresses emotions and prevents common decision making mistakes.
  10. Creating an action plan that begins the implementation of your career change decision.

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